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Can I increase the size of my root disk after I have launched an Instance
Last Updated 6 years ago

It depends on how the instance was created.
If you selected Yes at 'Create New Volume' and No at 'Delete Volume on Instance Delete' as shown in the attached image then you can increase the root disk.


1: As the instance has to be shut down, deleted and rebuilt for the changes to take effect , there will be a short downtime.
2: All extra volumes attached to the instance will get disassociated and will have to be reattached at the end of the process.

The steps are as follows:

1: Take a snapshot of your root volume as a backup by clicking on Create Snapshot as shown in the image

image2: Shut down your instance and delete it.
3: Go to the Volumes menu and go to the 'Extend Volume' option (ref. above image)
4: Increase the size of the volume according to your requirements


5 : Go to Launch an instance and change the source to Volume and launch your Instance with the new Extended Volume as the boot source


6: Your new instance should have an increased Root Disk size
7: This process will result in the other volumes you had attached getting disassociated from your instance. Reattach the additional Volumes again.
8: If your new instance is running successfully , delete the snapshots (backup) if you want to save space.

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