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What flavors are available for VMs ?
Last Updated 5 years ago

These are the currently supported flavors in OpenStack Kaizen.

The old Kaizen environment had no performance throttling, and small instances got the same disk/network bandwidth as large or extra-large ones. In the new environment, network and disk speeds depend on the flavor chosen.

In most cases, you will not notice a difference. If you experience slow performance compared to the old environment, you may need to change the flavor to something bigger than tiny or small.

m1.tiny 1024 1 10
m1.small 2048 1 10
m1.medium 4096 2 10
m1.large 8192 4 10
m1.xlarge 16384 8 10
c1.xlarge 46080 10 10
c1.2xlarge 92160 20 10
c1.4xlarge 184320 40 10

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